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Design and color consistency through the manufacturing process.

Quartze Countertops - Kitchen & Bath
Origins of Quartz

Quartz distinguishes itself with its remarkable uniformity in color and design, a hallmark of its manufacturing process. Comprising approximately 93% crushed granite quartz and 7% resin binding agents, this engineered stone boasts exceptional hardness and durability.


Crafted under intense pressure, quartz slabs emerge as resilient surfaces that resist staining and require minimal maintenance. With an extensive array of colors and customizable finishes, quartz offers versatility and longevity, promising enduring beauty and practicality for your living spaces. If you prefer solid colors or consistent patterns, quartz stands as an excellent choice, providing enduring durability and timeless design for your home.

Durability & Adaptability

In kitchens, quartz shines as a countertop material, boasting antimicrobial properties and exceptional scratch resistance. Its nonporous nature makes it an ideal choice for maintaining a hygienic environment, while its durability ensures years, even a lifetime, of use with proper care.


With various thicknesses and edge profiles available, quartz allows for creative customization, whether opting for a rustic chiseled edge or an elaborate ogee profile. For fireplace surrounds, quartz withstands indirect heat admirably, adding elegance and functionality to your living spaces. In bathrooms, quartz excels as countertops, bathtub decks, and surrounds, offering both aesthetic appeal and practicality with its antimicrobial surface.

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