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Other Stones

Various stone types also available for a variety of projects and applications.

Modern Kitchen with Stone Countertops and Backsplash

Soapstone, known for its softness and density, offers a unique blend of versatility and durability. Formed through heat, pressure, and time, soapstone countertops are ideal for those seeking low maintenance and a sophisticated aesthetic. While softer than other stones, soapstone's non-porous nature makes it resistant to staining and heat, making it suitable for various applications, including countertops and lab tables. Whether treated with mineral oil for enhanced color or left untreated for a natural appearance, soapstone exudes timeless charm and elegance.


Slate, with its soft touch and low water absorption rate, offers a backdrop of natural beauty that is unmatched. Quarried from distant lands like India and Brazil, slate tiles bring a touch of elegance to both interior and exterior spaces. Sealed to reveal vibrant colors and textures, slate tiles create stunning accents in any setting. Whether adorning your fireplace or lining your shower walls, slate tiles enhance the aesthetics of your home while providing practical benefits.


Travertine, cherished for its timeless elegance, offers a sophisticated solution for countertops, backsplashes, and flooring. With its earthy tones and unique veining patterns, travertine countertops elevate any space to a new level of luxury. While its natural beauty captivates the eye, travertine's durability ensures it stands the test of time, making it an ideal choice for both kitchens and bathrooms.


Onyx, renowned for its chalcedony quartz composition, captivates with its vibrant hues and translucent qualities. Formed in cavernous deposits, onyx slabs create dramatic focal points in any space, particularly when backlit to reveal their stunning beauty. Whether used as countertops, backsplashes, or accent pieces, onyx adds a touch of opulence to interior applications.


Limestone, with its calcite composition, offers a timeless charm and enduring quality for various interior applications. Whether used as tiles for shower enclosures or slabs for bathroom vanities, limestone exudes elegance and sophistication. While not recommended for kitchen countertops due to its softness, limestone is a popular choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Contact us today for more details on the types of stones we recommend for your next project!

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