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Kitchen Design

Dive deeper into designing your kitchen with Distinctive Tile & Stone.

Getting Started

Embark on your kitchen design with Distinctive Tile & Stone. Modern kitchens shine with the elegance of stone and tile. Your countertops and backsplash set the tone, transforming a standard design into a breathtaking space.

Start by curating the perfect materials and colors for your vision. With countless countertop and stone tile options, our experienced team will guide you to your ideal combination effortlessly as we start your kitchen design process.

Consider your layout goals: craving more storage? Visualizing your stainless steel sink's placement? Visit our showroom today and let's start the conversation to craft a design plan that maximizes both functionality and beauty.

Fabrication & Installation

When selecting stone countertops, we consider both aesthetics and functionality between the different stone options we stock – granite, quartz, quartzite, and marble.

Once the design is finalized, we handle every step. Fabrication utilizes modern tools and expertise for precise cuts. Timely delivery from our local showroom allows for seamless installation, getting right to work on your kitchen remodel.


Matching your tile backsplash to your countertops is essential for a cohesive design. Whether you start with the backsplash or the countertop, our team at Distinctive Tile and Stone will guide you to the perfect combination.

Purchased new granite countertops & backsplash for our kitchen... and the finished product looks amazing   Blaine C.

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