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Custom Shower Pans

Elevate your bath with a natural stone custom shower pan.

Custom Shower Pans

This is our speciality and we are the local industry leader in this unique and personalized solution. Our expert craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing processes ensure this distinctive style sets your bathroom apart.

Choose from a variety of natural stone options, including quartz and granite, to create a luxurious shower experience that is out of the ordinary and tailored to your preference.


Our custom shower pans are a personalized solution that allow you utmost function and design. Whether you desire a spacious luxury shower or a barrier-free design for accessibility, our exclusive solutions cater to your needs.

Design Freedom & Accessibility

With our custom shower pans, design freedom knows no bounds. We can create shower bases of any size and shape, allowing you to transform challenging spaces into innovative shower areas.


Plus, enjoy the convenience of low-maintenance stone, as our solid stone shower pans are seamless, grout-free, and easy to clean.


With Distinctive Tile & Stone, your bathroom renovation project is in expert hands. Contact us today to begin your project and turn your vision into reality. Get started by visiting our Olympia showroom to see our shower pans for yourself!

As a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, we have worked with Matt on several counter top and shower pan projects... Distinctive Tile & Stone is an important ally to our company.   Rock R.

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